Anastasia Lux – My Bed – Your Cock!

Hey! Wanna see my new dress? It’s amazing, it doesn’t actually fit my big tits - it’s a special dress, ideal if you want to spit on your hand and rub your nipples while you get super hard. Just imagine slipping your boner inbetween those massive tits, jizzing all over them.

Anastasia Lux – Swinging Tits By The Sink

There’s always a danger when you’re doing the washing up and you have natural big tits that swing all over the place - you will get constantly wet when doing so. Little does Anastasia Lux know that there is a camera behind a teacup that is recording her rubbing something up and down, up and down to the camera - it’s such a hot shot seeing her big tits swing up and down, left and right and all over the shop