Kayla Louise – Party Boobs

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! - reach for the lasers, safe as a good slow fuck! It’s Kayla bopping up and down for your perverted pleasure. Just imagine the jumping beans you’ll need if she’s ever on top grinding out your cock. You most certainly will need a new glow stick after that!

Kayla Louise – Cum Inside My Lady Garden

“Dum-tee-dum lets get these plants all wet like my pussy in my frilly pink skirt”. Kayla is a keen Horticulturalist ensuring all the plants in her lady garden are kept nice and watered. She does get the odd complaint from the perverted neighbors who often wank-off to her bending over showing off her panty-crack.

Kayla Louise – Long Distance Nipple Play

You know what Kayla’s like when she’s on the phone, nothing but dirty chat, getting whoever is on the other end to get their cock out and wank it really hard. She can’t help her self pulling and squeezing her nipples getting excited about getting fucked left right and center all over the living room. Thrusting and kicking trying to get to the next level. Kayla loves playing by herself when she’s home alone. High kicks and vigorous arm swings - don’t think that blouse will hold.

Kayla Louise – Polish It Slowly

When Kayla polishes at night she seems to always have issues with her fishnet tops - they simply have to cum off. Rubbing bits of metal and fluffing pillows is something Kayla loves when she’s home alone. Make sure you polish it as slowly as possible, insuring all creaming cleaning is carried out professionally yet voyeuristically.